Real Moisturizing Mist – Holika Holika Good Cera Ultra Essence Mist


Holika Holika is a comparatively new runner in Korean “road-shop” cosmetics. However, in a short period of time, they gain absolute fame because of their best-selling “Good-Cera Super  line.”  Because of its rich but non-sticky texture and excellent moisturizing ability, Holika Holika’s super cream got its fame in a relatively short time. Since it has similar texture and package design with IOPE’s Super vital cream but much more competitive priced, it is considered as a front runner for rich texture moisturizing cream among mid-low priced cosmetics. Today I am gonna do review on their mist, not the cream since I am sure you have read much posting about the cream from other bloggers.


Ingredient Check

Unlike many other moisturizing mist, Skin and Good Cera mist has bit more stickier texture. Watery mists definitely can be refreshing, but we should know they dry up our face even more quickly because they evaporate from our skin easily. Even though Good Cera mist is a bit richer and stickier texture, it is NOT unpleasant feeling though. It stays on your skin longer because of it contains decent amount of butylene glycol and pentylene glycol (they are fatty acid,) and ceramide. Meaning, this mist is more like a mixture of water and moisturizing fatty acids that can protect the evaporation of water from your skin. Since those moisturizing agents are placed in the 2,3 and 4th after the distilled water, I don’t see any discrepancy from their claim and actual ingredient. They don’t contain any of paraben family for preservation so that people with history of allergy with paraben family can use this product more safely than other mists. However it contains penoxyethanol and disodium EDTA (even though it is negligible amount) for the preservation. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain mineral oil or any other animal driven fatty acids; people who are hesitant to use cosmetics with them can use this product as well. This product is a excellent moisturizing mist for winter especially for someone who has dry skin, and because of the glycol based fatty acid, this could be inadequate to use for someone who have oily skin or acne.


After Thought

In US, we can buy it from Holika Holika’s website ( for 20.9 USD. Even though it is slightly more pricey than buying in South Korea (13200 KW,) I think it has excellent value for money. It contains decent amount of moisturizing agents and nicely designed spray that makes very fine mist.  If you are looking for a glow mist rather than moisturizing mist, Espoir’s glow fixer is more recommended. Compared to other essential mists from other luxury brands, it is reasonably priced.

PROS: fine mist with amazing moisturizing function

CONS: If you do not like ginger&flower fragrance, you won’t like this.

IDEA: Routine mist under air-conditioner & heater, definitely buy agian.