I Hate you PORE !!!! Clear Pores & Save Our Skin


Hey, M-Friends. It’s Suzi again. How are you spending this humid & hot summer?

Well, even though it’s hot and humid, it’s still the party time, right? We have parties, festivals, vacations and camping plans to all over. So nowadays people go to river, beach and spend several days and come back. For me as well, I’ve been partying away all the time. You know, parties are always full of alcohol. Awww, I think I parted too hard. Excessive parties made my skin so dull and our worst enemy!!! enlarged pores!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ewwww .


So, I will do my “clear my pores and save my skin” routine.

let’s do It together If you were party girl last week. Lol


1. Knock, Knock – Are you there blackheads? 

I generally put damp towels into microwave, and make the steam towel. Of course if you are diligent enough you may boil the water, soak your towel, remove excessive water then use it. Put the warm steam towel on your skin for 5 to 10 min. This simple process will unclog your pore. I know it’s annoying but you know, I want invest some time for my skin.


2. Actually remove unwanted sebum & impurities.

We have lots of pore brushes available from various brands. I generally use small one for my nose. Put a little bit of foam cleanser, make bubble and cleanse out your pores.

(BTW, dirty pore brushes will cause break out. So, always remember to clean the pore brush before and after you use.)


3. Extraction, Ah?

Rather than blindly extract the blackheads, we have more sophisticated one. Leaders Black Out Clear 3 Step Kit contains blackhead melting gel. This fluid removes sebum and blackhead softly but clearly. It is not very irritating, so it’s good for the people with sensitive skin. But you know what? I have pretty strong skin, lol. I feel sadistic pleasure when I see flakes of dead skin and blackheads in my peel-off type sheet mask.

For the people like me, try Skinfood’s Egg White Pack Peel Off Nose Packor Cha Lab Pore Clear Mask. Egg white peel off nose pack contains egg white extract, and it will snatch blackheads and extract them out when you peel off. Before you use, put generous amount of water on your nose and put your mask. Be careful with bubble and wrinkles. When it hardened, take it off from the side.

I PERSONALLY prefer Cha Lab Pore clear mask. This is not only for the nose but for the whole face. It will remove make up residue, micro dirt, dead skin and sebum all at the same time. You should completely dry up your skin after you wash your face. When the sheet is completely dry up, take It off from the side. They said this sheet has anti-aging function as well. So, just try them out if you like 🙂


4. Bubble it up, Carbonic acid Pack

Well, you can skip this part but if you are a pore perfectionist like me, you will need this. So, if you extract them out well, that does not mean your pore Is completely clean now. Probably, you will have small residues inside of your pore. Eww, I hate it. But try Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling mask. Interestingly, this sheet mask will make bubble after 5 to 10 min. Those micro-bubbles finally cleanse out your most stubborn blackheads roots.


5. The Must, hydration

Now you can see your pores are clean from your eyes and hands. But you know all of above steps will irritate your skin somehow. So, use soothing gel or moisturizing cream. I like Code 9’s Black Volume Cream. I generally use this for winter but I want to quench my skin today 🙂 You may use your hydration cream from any brand.

So, let’s take care of our skin well. Today this is all I prepare. See you next time.

Do I really need famous 10 step regime?

The systemic approach of K-beauty – Do I really need famous 10-step regime?

Hello, M-Friends. We’ve been to KCON NY 2016 and all our staffs were busy with packing, selecting and communicating with beautiful people inKCON. While we were there, we were asked many questions from the participants about the order of cosmetics usage. So I have prepared special posting on this question, and it can be a long one. One thing that I want to emphasize before I start this posting is that you do not have to religiously follow this order and you can make your own modification any time. Again, cosmetics are just cosmetics. If you put wear cream before toner, it is not end of the world. ( I don’t recommend it though, lol)

llang cleansing

1. LLang Super Cereal Cleansing Ball

2.LLang Natural Foaming Cleanser

3.LLang Pure Melting Cleansing Gel

4,LLang Treatment Cleansing Balm

1.     Cleansing Steps

So when it comes to cleansing, the lip & eye make-up should come first to cleanse out point make-ups. You may use cotton puff with lip & eye make-up remover to soak eye make-up for gentle removal. Oil and balm type cleanser can be used after lip & eye remover for basic skin make-up. You gently massage out skin foundation and bb cream and wash your face with lukewarm water. Foam cleansers should be the last step of cleansing, leaving skin refreshed. If you want to add gommage or peeling gel, you can use them after the cleansing foam because if you use gommage or peeling gel on the top of your make-up, make-up residues may penetrate to the stimulated skin and may cause breakout. But if your skin is make-up free, you may use gommage or peeling gel before the cleansing foam as well. For the water type cleansers, you can use it before foam cleanser or you may substitute foam cleanser with cleansing water and skip the foam cleansing step, if you feel like to.

llang skincare set

1.LLang Softening Toner

2.LLang Healing Energy Essence

3.LLang Intensive Eye Cream

4.LLang Trans Emulsion

5.LLang Activating Cream

6.LLang Recovery Oil

2.     Basic Skincare

There is no absolute order of basic skincare but the fundamental is to use products with low viscosity first then move on to high viscosity; from watery to oily. So, you may begin with toner. If the toner is wipe off type (watery with almost no viscosity), you can use it for the first step of your skincare. If you have first essence or pre-essence type product, you can use it after the toner. But if you have a thick, sticky toner, you may use first essence before the toner. So consider the viscosity of the cosmetics and you adjust your order according to your skin condition and preference. The next step is serum/ampoule/essence. If you have gel-type essence, use it before the eye cream. If you have cream type essence, you should compare the thickness of essence and eye cream, and then you apply less dense one first. Generally, oily (especially silicone base moisturizers) textured products may hinder the penetration of the other products, so you can use them after watery textured products. The emulsion is a tricky case, but generally you can apply it after the serum or essence. If your essence is creamy, oily essence, you may use emulsionbefore your essence as well. So again, the order should be decided case by case scenario. For the last step of your skincare, you can use cream for the last step. Facial oil may be used before the cream or mixed with cream according to the instruction.

 3.     Add-ons

So generally, we recommend you to use sheet mask sheets after the toner but if your serum is a watery or gel type one, you may wear mask sheets after them as well. I was asked multiple times whether they should apply emulsion and cream after the sheet masks. Well, it’s a good question. If you think you should, you can. Generally, oily layer may lock up the moisture in your skin, so you can use emulsion and cream after the sheet masks but if you think they will make your skin sticky and uncomfortable, you can skip it.


I know many of people K-beauty fans already know about this order very well and they use a lot more add-on products other than the baseline products that I have mentioned above. However, you do not really have to use so many products at the same time. Your skin also has a capacity of water / oil intake. So too much products may cause sudden breakout or sensitivity. So always remember, too much is as bad as too little.


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Tips for cleansing >_<


Hey, Hey, I’m Suzi !!! I am back again!!!!!

Today I want to talk about cleansing – the basic of the basic. BTW, this ismy personal opinion and tips, so please don’t misunderstand my posting as medical advice. Anyway I change the way that I wash my face recently and it made my skin much better, so I want to share with you, guys. *I wear make-up daily. If you don’t, you can simply skip the make-up cleansing step.*


My first advice is that WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST. I was not really thinking about this, but many experts recommend washing hands before cleansing your face. I mean, we all know hands are the dirtiest part of our body. We don’t want to rub bacteria into our face, right?


If you have empty bottle of top-coat mascara, you can put lip & eye make-up remover in there. So you can soak mascara brush into remover and apply on the top of eyelashes. Then put good amount of make-up remover In cotton pad, and you can wipe your eye make-up off very easily.


BUT! BUT! sometimes you may have some make up left on your outer eyes. In that case, you roll a little bit of cotton ball in the Q-tips. So you can make MEGA size of Q-tips, so you can easily remove make up on outer eyes.


So finally for the cleansing!! Actually there are many different type of cleansers, Gel / foam / Oil / Balm and so on. Cleansing gel & foam are generally really refreshing, so It is good for oily skin. Cleansing oil and balm is a bit thick, oily textured I think they are better choice for dry skin. If you have acne prone skin just like me, I recommend foam type. We should use nickel size amount, without too much pressure on your fingers, and use circular motion.


Make up residue and dirt can easily hide under our fine facial hair. So to get rid of them, we should use down to up ,in to out circular motion as well. (It is counter intuitive as well right?) As we all know, hot water or cold water may be irritating, so use room temperature water.


Some of Korean experts recommend wearing sheet mask right after the cleansing.  They said if you wear masks after cleansing, it absorbs much better. If you don’t have time for doing that, soak your cotton pads with saline water, and leave them on your face for 2~3 min. This will make your skin much more moisturized.


So, with proper facial cleansing, let’s make healthy & dewy & glowing skin together!!

Wrong Beliefs on Acne !


Hey, Hey, I’m your Suzi. You know, I know, everyone knows pimples and acnes are the last things that we want to have for our baby cute skin. So, I brought some common misbelieves on acne.

I mean, we know pimples get worse because of the excessive sebum on our skin and when they block our pores, it can easily become acne. When I was 15 something, I had them on my cheeks and forehead as well.

acne1. If you pop the pimples, then it becomes a mole?

Well, according to the experts, it is not true. I mean it is almost impossible to squeeze pimple properly, so it may leave pigmentations. DO NOT EVER USE YOUR HANDS to pop the pimples. Use extractor if you really really want to do it, but come on. Go to estheticians or doctors if you can.

wash2. Do you really have to wash your face all the time?

Many people think you get acne because you don’t wash your face frequently. However, if you do that too many times, you can irritate your skin and maybe your skin can get over dry. Do the proper facial wash one in the morning, and once before you go to sleep.

coldwater3. Refresh your skin with cold water?

To get rid of sebum effectively, we should use lukewarm water. Cold water can make sebum more solid (rather than watery) so IT CAN WORSEN YOUR PIMPLE Ah, let’s talk about the simple facial cleansing method. First, use lukewarm water, softly but thoroughly. And use your favorite foam cleansing, makes bubles and wash your face with circular motion. (I know it is really refreshing to touch your matt face after you wash your face twice, but it is not good. YOU DO NEED A BIT OF SEBUM to protect your skin). After that, lightly tap your skin and makes your skin moisturized but not too long.


4. Make-up is really bad for your skin?

Well, it is not completely wrong. Foundation or powder may block the pore and impurities or sebum can irritate your skin and makes pimple. But can we go out without make-up? (Well… HXXX know!!!!) I mean we have many non-comedogenic make up products in the market. So if you properly wash your face before you go to sleep, IT DOES NOT REALLY MATTER!!!!!!


5. Sunscreen can worsen your pimples?

When I was a teenager, I thought it did. I mean, sunscreens are sticky and oily right? But it is wrong belief. EVERYONE, SUNSCREEN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SKINCARE PRODUCT ALL TIME. I mean sorry for all of these capital only but they are really really important. Sunscreen can prevent pigmentation when your acne heals. So if you don’t wear sunscreen because you do not like your texture, you will have pigmentations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DO DUM) So If you really don’t like to wear sunscreen, apply it where you have freckles or spots at least.

Today we talked about acne a lot. I mean there are wide range of common misconception about it. So, if you have any good tips or question, please share it with us below.

Top 5 ! Must Buy Skincare Items before Summer

Hello Friends. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. And soon, summer will be here with us. The good news is that our skins won’t be dried up as before but our pores will be filled up with sebum and impurities in a much faster phase than ever before. So we should diligently clarify pores, protect our skins from the sun and soothe/hydrate nicely. So, we has carefully selected 5 best K-beauty items for your flawlessly glowing skin.

1.     Oxygen Aha bubble peeling mask

AHA/BHA complex gently removes dead skin layer and plentiful bubbles clarify sebum accumulation in pores. Cocamidopropyl Betaine was used as a surfactant instead of Sodium Laureth Sulfate, so it can be used on sensitive skin as well. Bubbles are formed when you wear the mask, and you should wash your face with warm water after your mask sheet session is done.

2.     Leaders Pore-scaling Black Aqua

This black sheet mask contains volcanic ashes and Quercus phillyraeoides and they effectively cleanse excessive oil and other impurities. Portulaca Oleracea Extract was used as a soothing agent and active ingredients such as adenosine and niacinamide brighten your skin while delaying skin aging process.

3.     Botanic Farm – Dot Art Collection CC Cushion

Botanic Farm Dot Art Collection CC cushion is a very good sun screen (SPF 50+, PA+++) and very lightly, watery textured CC cream. It gives your skin natural and dewy glow while not making your make up thick. Even though it does not cover pigmentations on your skin, it provides nicely correct your skin tone for different skin type. (Pink for pale skin / green for acne skin and purple for tired skin.) They have BB cushion version of this pact as well for better covering function with same texture and SPF.

4.     Llang Natural Foaming Cleanser

This red-ginseng based foaming cleanser gently and perfectly removes make up, dirt and other skin impurities without leaving oily texture on your skin. It feels really soft because of the creamy bubbles and it will make your skin soft and refreshed after you wash your face. Since Llang is a cosmetic brand made by Korean Ginseng Corporation, it contains red ginseng extract, red ginseng oil and saponin.

5.     NEOGEN Code 9 UV defense

Code 9 UV defense is a non-sticky, water-based sun screen. This sun screen is colorless/light weighted so it is good to use under the make-up and capsulated moisturizers soothe your skin before the foundation or BB cream.

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