Find Your Best Sleeping Pack This Summer !

5sleeping pack

Sometimes I really feel like Korean products are like wines.↖(^▽^)↗ There are many prestigious brand and famous products but at the same time, there are so many “cult-wine” like products in the realm of K-beauty. I mean, there are many unknown, economically priced brands with excellent quality and it is such a great fun to find those products and share with others. So Blog #M did a little experiment on these less appreciated sleeping masks. (*¯︶¯*) We picked up 3 sleeping masks and 2 sleeping mask substitutes. So here are our experiment subjects.

  1. LLang Redgin Magic Sleeping Pack $31.50
  2. BOTANIC FARM Black Soybean Milk Pudding Sleeping Pack $24.50
  3. Code 9 black volume cream $35.00
  4. Code 9 Super Seed Oil Mask $33.00
  5. Skinfood Lettuce Cucumber Watery Soothing Pack ?

5sleeping pack

Texture Test

For you, we have prepared tiny texture dishes below. Llang & Botanic Farm has jelly like texture but Llang has more watery, honey-like texture than Botanic Farm. Code 9’s Black volume has thickest texture among them. Code 9’s Super Seed Oil Mask has the butter like texture, and skinfood has the most watery texture, with only slight viscosity.


Spotting Test / Oil Chromatography

We prepared commonly used oil blotting paper and run the chromatography. (I know, it is not a real chromatography, but since we use the hydrophobic affinity of blotting paper, we can somehow consider it as chromatography process.) Anyway, if the oil circle spread winder from the spotting, it means that it contains more oil in it. By the way, I am not trying to say that oily sleeping packs are bad (But I personally prefer less oily sleeping masks for the summer.) rather, you can use this as a reference when you buy your next sleeping mask.


oil test1

As you can see, Code 9’s Super seed oil and Botanic Farm Soy bean mask have high oil contents. Llang’s Redgin has the least oil, and the texture maintained even after 2 hours.

 (After 40minits)

oil test after 40m

Skin-gun Test

(before skin test number)


  1. After the cleansing my inner arm thoroughly, I ran the skin gun test. The oil index is 18%, and water index is 40.01%.
  2. I run the skin gun test, and see the chart below. Oil/Water change indicates the change from my initial skin condition. Redgin showed highest increase both in oil & water index.

after 5minits

Oil Water Oil % increase Water % increase
Redgin 23.60% 52.50% 67.38% 67.20%
Soy bean 22.60% 50.30% 60.28% 60.19%
Black Volume 22.10% 49.30% 56.74% 57.01%
Super Seed 18.80% 41.90% 33.33% 33.44%
Lettuce Cucumber 20.60% 45.80% 43.26% 46.18%


after hour

I run the skin test again after one hour. Oil/Water change indicates the change from the run 2. Still, Redgin showed the highest Water/Oil index in skin. Interestingly, Super Seed showed increase in number, both for oil& water index. (I guess it is due to Super Seed’s Oily texture because it absorbs really slowly.╮(╯3╰)╭)


Oil Water Oil % change Water % change
Redgin 21.90% 48.70% -7.20% -7.24%
Soy bean 20.70% 46.00% -8.41% -8.55%
Black Volume 20.80% 46.40% -5.88% -5.88%
Super Seed 20.50% 45.60% 9.04% 8.83%
Lettuce Cucumber 20.20% 45.10% 0.00% -1.74%


Winner of the First Lab 0^◇^0)/

So, the winner of Blog #M’s first experiment goes to……………

☆ミ ☆彡LLang Redgin Magic Sleeping Pack !!!!!!! ☆ミ ☆彡

From both test, I could assure Llang’s sleeping pack is nicely formulated, giving fresh texture for hot & sticky summer but maintain oil and moisture index in my skin pretty well. If you have really oily skin, Skinfood’s Lettuce-Cucumber Watery Soothing Pack may be a really good choice as well because it effectively controls the oil in your skin, and maintain the moisture level nicely.

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Salmon’s egg for your eye – well……..


The eye area is probably the first place to see the sign of aging, from the under eye fine lines to the stubborn craw feet. Wrinkles appear in all sort of places, (and most of the time, unwanted) but eye area is more prone to aging than other area because they are thin and muscles around eyes move a lot compared to other muscles. The sad news is that many things that we enjoy (sunshine or wine, or even better sunshine and wine at the same time) also cause wrinkles around eyes. Let’s skip the “aging cause wrinkles’ because we all know about it. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

eye wrinkle

So I brought something that we can try for our precious eye zone before we run to Dermatologist for Botox or Ulthera. (I will write about these treatments in other posting, I promise.) So, Let’s look at them.


eye patch

First impression

60 moisty hydrogel eye patch are placed in one jar of Botanic Farm Salmon Egg Hydrogel Eye Patch. I cannot say this product contains soaking amount of serum with the patch but most of the hydrogels contain active ingredients inside of the gel, so I don’t think it matters. It does not have any noticeable smell (Don’t worry, it does not smell fishy.), and the patch is completely opaque unlike other hydrogel products (They are generally semi-transparent right?)

They are thin & durable so it is quite comfortable to skin, and have excellent affinity to skin so you can freely move around when the patches are attached to the eye zone. But I would not say they have better skin affinity than Leaders Insolution Moisturizing Recovery Mask.

put them on

Ingredient Check

First, if you have acne type skin around your area, please be aware that this hydrogel eye mask contains carrageenan and potassium chloride. Σ( ° △ °|||) Both of them are highly rated comedogenic molecules and it can stimulate the acne breakout. But this is eye mask, so application area is limited to the eye zone, so I guess it is not really a problem. It contains known active ingredient such as adenosine and niacinamide, fortifying the wrinkle correction function and allantoin is added as anti-inflammatory moisturizer. It contains parabens, so be aware of them if they concern you. It does contain salmon egg extract just like their name, but honestly,I could not find any reliable scientific references so I would not mention anything about it.  <(`^´)>


After Thought

It is a good value eye patch definitely.╮(╯3╰)╭ I mean it surely does what it claims to do – nicely moisturizes tired and puffy eye zone, in a very short time. As I mentioned above, it adheres to your eye area very well. The reasonable price is its strength as well. Since most of the hydrogel eye patches are priced as 2 to 8 USD, 30 pairs (60 pieces) for 30 USD is pretty economical. But it contains several ingredients that potentially problematic for some people, so check out the ingredient list thoroughly, if it concerns you.

One-line Review


PROS: Good value, moisturizing eye patch

CONS: Not for the acne, not for the paraben-phobias.

IDEAS: Eyepatch for the wine party. Drink & Treatment at the same time

Wang-Michelitsch, Jicun; Michelitsch, Thomas (2015). “Tissue fibrosis: a principal evidence for the central role of Misrepairs in aging”.

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Top 5 ! Must Buy Skincare Items before Summer

Hello Friends. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. And soon, summer will be here with us. The good news is that our skins won’t be dried up as before but our pores will be filled up with sebum and impurities in a much faster phase than ever before. So we should diligently clarify pores, protect our skins from the sun and soothe/hydrate nicely. So, we has carefully selected 5 best K-beauty items for your flawlessly glowing skin.

1.     Oxygen Aha bubble peeling mask

AHA/BHA complex gently removes dead skin layer and plentiful bubbles clarify sebum accumulation in pores. Cocamidopropyl Betaine was used as a surfactant instead of Sodium Laureth Sulfate, so it can be used on sensitive skin as well. Bubbles are formed when you wear the mask, and you should wash your face with warm water after your mask sheet session is done.

2.     Leaders Pore-scaling Black Aqua

This black sheet mask contains volcanic ashes and Quercus phillyraeoides and they effectively cleanse excessive oil and other impurities. Portulaca Oleracea Extract was used as a soothing agent and active ingredients such as adenosine and niacinamide brighten your skin while delaying skin aging process.

3.     Botanic Farm – Dot Art Collection CC Cushion

Botanic Farm Dot Art Collection CC cushion is a very good sun screen (SPF 50+, PA+++) and very lightly, watery textured CC cream. It gives your skin natural and dewy glow while not making your make up thick. Even though it does not cover pigmentations on your skin, it provides nicely correct your skin tone for different skin type. (Pink for pale skin / green for acne skin and purple for tired skin.) They have BB cushion version of this pact as well for better covering function with same texture and SPF.

4.     Llang Natural Foaming Cleanser

This red-ginseng based foaming cleanser gently and perfectly removes make up, dirt and other skin impurities without leaving oily texture on your skin. It feels really soft because of the creamy bubbles and it will make your skin soft and refreshed after you wash your face. Since Llang is a cosmetic brand made by Korean Ginseng Corporation, it contains red ginseng extract, red ginseng oil and saponin.

5.     NEOGEN Code 9 UV defense

Code 9 UV defense is a non-sticky, water-based sun screen. This sun screen is colorless/light weighted so it is good to use under the make-up and capsulated moisturizers soothe your skin before the foundation or BB cream.

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