Mask Review: Jayjun Baby Pure Shining Mask

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Nowadays, multi-step sheet mask is not a new type of product anymore. Road shop cosmetic brands such as Skinfood introduced several multi-step sheet masks such as Boosting Juice 2-step mask sheet Ceramide andWater Berry Ampoule & Essence Mask Sheet. Leaders brought Aquaringer Plus 2 Step mask  on the market. Llang also introduced 3 three step sheet masks (brightening, pore control, moisturizing) with large Q-tip peeling stick. However out of all of these high quality multi-step sheet masks,Jayjun’s Baby Pure Shining Mask is getting weirdly popular in nowadays. I opened a box and tried it.

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First Impression

So, this mask consists of 3 steps

1.     Blooming Essence

2.     Mask

3.     Hydro Eye cream

jayjun essence

1.     Essence and eye cream is placed in sample-like film pouch. The amount contained in the film sheet is quite generous (1.5ml) so it is more than enough for 3 or 4 times of usage. The blooming essence has gel-like refreshing texture but does not observed really quick. Seemingly, Jay Jun did not put much volatile ingredients such as alcohol since the sheet mask should be used right after the essence.

2.     The mask is really thin Cupra (specially processed cotton linter pulp.) I have reviewed so many sheet masks but this mask definitely has the BEST skin affinity. It is very thin, hold so much serum and feel gentle on the skin. My only complain is that the sheet is so thin, so it is kind of difficult to unfold it. However, seriously, the mask quality is excellent.

3.     Hydro eye cream has creamy but light texture. Again, they put quite generous amount of eye cream in the film pouch, so you can use in your whole face for 3 or 4 times, not only for your eye zone.

jayjun put on

Ingredient Check

They put decent amount of proven beneficial ingredients. Niacinamide and adenosine were added for brightening ingreidnet, and many moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, trehalose, allantoin. Popular fermented skin conditioning ingredients such as lactobacillus soybean and Yeast fermentation extracts. The rest of ingredients are also quite safe. For the products with lots of active ingredients like Baby Pure Shining Mask, producers tends to triethanolamine as pH adjustor, but they used tromethamine, the safer one. Of course, it cannot be completely preservative free, so it has phenoxyethanol in the ingredients list, so be aware of it if it concerns you. It also contains silicon based moisturizer –dimethicone, so if you have acne prone skin, please test it before you use.

jayjun put off


As we can see from the name, it really does make your skin dewy and glow. Maybe you can see from the before/after pictures, it really does make your skin visibly brighter and glow. It is not only a really good mask for the treatment before you go to sleep but also a superb day mask for your important date or interview. The ingredients are impressive as well. It contains good amount of beneficial ingredients and minimized potentially harmful ingredients. I would definitely say this was one of the best sheet masks that I reviewed in 2016. Guys, just try one, and you will love it.


One Line Review


PROS: incredible ingredient / incredible glow

CONS: I wish they had protection sheet on the mask so that we could unfold easier

IDEAS: Use one & Get dewy!!!!


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Mask Sheet War – Inside K-beauty

fight cat

A little history…

When someone ask me what the most unique Korean beauty product is, I will say “sheet mask” without 1 second of hesitation. There are millions of mask sheets from all (not even almost) Korean brands, from 99 cents mask of Skinfood to 40$ per piece luxury mask of Amore Pacific. Actually, from the troika era of Korean road shop (Early 2000, Missha / The Face Shop / Skinfood,) 1000 Korean won (1$) masks were popular. However, the launching of Genics’ Cell Derma Hydrogel Mask Pack, aka Ha Yumi Pack (하유미팩) triggered sheet mask war in K-beauty industry. They launched through Hyundai Home Shopping and GS Home Shopping, they sold more than 10 million USD (Korea is a small country, this is pretty a lot lol). Now,hydro gel masks are from everywhere, but back then, Cell Derma’s hydro gel mask was somewhat innovative and sensational in Korean beauty industry, because Genic is the first company, made sheet mask with hydro gel in Korea. After the success of Genic, many Korean companies jumped on “mask sheet” bandwagon.

Now, the big 3 are

1. Mediheal : Mediheal began with small company, providing low-priced sheet mask to Olive Young (Korean cosmetic multi-shop). They have become famous with their signature hydration mask “NMF Aquaring mask.” With an interesting packaged design with IV bottle, they got fame on internet as well. Mediheal has very specific segmentation on their products. There are 11 different kinds of masks for their basic line “essential.” They have several hydro gel masks as well as eye patches.


Recommendation: WHP White hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask

Mediheal’s best seller with their signature NMF Aquaring line. Good amount of Niacinamide & Sodium hyaluronate prevents pigmentation while moisturizes your skin. The sheet is black because it contains charcoal of Quercus phylliraeoides (They said it’s for clarifying but I could not find any reliable article, so I just mentioned this as a fun factor.)


Leaders: Leaders originally owned by a medical net work (Leader Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Clinic) but now it is sold to other cosmetic brand. Before, they used to produce cosmeceuticals only, but now they have become a kwon mask sheet brand. With mediheal’s Aquaring, Leaders’ Aquaringer became popular but now they make lots of sheet masks with interesting sheet material (fermented coconut gel) and pretty functional package.

Leaders First Ampoule Mask ( Snail Therapy): The mask contains in the test tube (시험관팩). They used chamomile extract / snail mucin as its BASE, meaning no water. It contains other moisturizing agent and no phenoxy ethanol nor parabens. It contains LOTS of serum so you can keep pour the serum on the top of the mask. (In my personal & humble opinion, this is the best sheet mask for me. Lol)


SNP got on the business with low priced pore masks then quickly became a best selling internet based (mostly Gmarket and Auction) cosmetic brand in late 2000. They introduced animal sheet masks and sold more than 10 million pieces, and keep introducing sheet masks with interesting features.

Recommendation: Bird’s nest Aqua Ampoule Mask

I’m not sure what Bird’s nest extract can do for our skin, it was added for the third ingredient. Witch Hazel extract and Centella Asiatica extract calm your sensitive skin and promote healing. It feels quite refreshing but be aware it contains ethanol, if it concerns you.

Rising Stars


Jay Jun: Brand name from a famous plastic surgery clinic in Korea. They got famous with “Refine to Shine” black mask. They are one of the first company that attached serum and cleanser in a separated pouch

“refine to shine” mask sheets” It contains good amount of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and moisturizing agent. Cleansing foam and serum is attached as well, so it is really convenient for travel.


Papa’s recipe: Papa’s recipe is a mega rookie in the market. The CEO began to make organic jojoba oil for his daughter, and they got famous with the pure white cream. Their My bottle lemon / Aloe soothing gel is also well known, along with its famous Bom Bee mask.

Bom Bee Honey Mask: Probably, the year 2016’s best seller in Korea, Korean bloggers call it “Honey Jar Mask” because of the printing on the mask sheet envelope. It smells very honey, and contains honey derived ingredients such as honey extract and propolis. Trehalose & hyaluronic were also added as moisturizing agent along with butylenes glycol and small amount of allantoin for anti-inflammatory function. It’s also phenoxy ethanol and paraben free product.


I am also on Reddit and /r/asianbeauty