Leaders Insolution Moisturizing Recovery Mask


As far as I remember (I guess it was around 8~9 years ago,) the company called Genic introduced the first hydrogel mask to the Korean market. It was a splendid debut – they still hold the record for “the most selling single item in all home shopping channel.” But other cosmetic companies began to introduce the same type of hydrogel masks, and the hydrogel is not a new type of mask sheet material anymore. But the ongoing journey of finding a new material of Korean companies brought us a new generation hydrogel again – fermented coconut gel.


First Impression

Just like the other gel-type masks, Leaders Insolution Moisturizing Recovery Mask is contained in an individual package. Two protection sheets are attached to the coconut jelly to prevent coagulation of this sophisticated sheet. (Seriously, remember this. I heard many people use this mask as the protection sheet is still attached one side.)



Definitely, IT IS DIFFERENT from regular hydrogel mask. It almost feels like putting fascia on your skin (Do you know the thin and half transparent, membrane-like thing when you prepare chicken? That’s fascia, •﹏•. The texture is much smoother and recognizably lighter than the other gel-type masks. So it has a much better affinity to skin, and you can freely move while doing this sheet mask session. It also contains a generous amount of serum and interestingly, you can pour this serum on the top of the gel because the coconut jelly easily sucks up the serum and efficiently delivers it to your skin. The serum is neither sticky nor water-like. You can check out the video for this.

Ingredient Check

I could not see especially detrimental ingredients in this mask. Methylpropanediol and butylene glycol are relatively safe penetration enhancers and emollients. They used glycerin as a main moisturizing agent and added betaine as a subordinate agent. (Betaine is a commonly used moisturizing agent in organic/natural cosmetics, generally extracted from sugar cane.) Witch Hazel water is used as an astringent. Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract (Chamomile Extract) – a known anti-inflammatory/antioxidant – was added as the 5th ingredient. I won’t mention about additional plant extracts since they are only contained traceable amount and the pharmacological mechanism is unclear. I could see many single amino acids on the inactive ingredient list, and I don’t know why. (Probably they thought amino acids can be used to restore the skin layer but I do not agree with them.)



I think coconut jelly is an extraordinary material to make a gel-type mask. It adheres much better than other gel masks, and it delivers serum to your skin very efficiently (you can even add more serum on the top of this masks). Because of the active ingredient Witch Hazel, it definitely feels less sticky on skin without using alcohol family in the principal components. (Remember this, alcohol is a funny guy.╮(╯3╰)╭ It makes your skin really feel fresh, but it can be an irritant for some people.) It made my skin refreshed and moisturized without making the skin overly sticky. (The anti-wrinkle mask from same product line is a bit too sticky to go to sleep or right away or to put the make-up on right away.) It is a premium mask for sure and worth to try. But at the same time, I am not sure I will use this mask routinely because of its relatively high price. ($6)


1 line Review


Pros: It adheres like glue on your skin. You can keep adding serum on the top of the gel. (Definitely plus)

Cons: A little too expensive, and complicated ingredient list

Idea: A premium coconut jelly mask for the people with hyperactivity when they wear a gel mask.


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Leaders First Ampoule Mask



It is the era of sheet masks. K-beauty enthusiasts eagerly look for more moisturizing, visibly enhancing sheet masks everywhere and many companies brought up sheet masks with different textures (cellulose, cotton, and hydrogel) and “fascinating” active ingredients (snail, collagen, peptides, placenta and even horse fat.) But as we all know, cosmetic companies has been plagiarizing each other we have similar types of sheet masks regardless of brands. I mean, aren’t you getting bored with sameo snail hydrogel masks or Hyaluronic acid moisturizing masks?


Finally, I got to try the hottest “it mask” in China and Korea – Leaders First Ampoule Mask-Mela Tox. And let’s see how it is.

╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╯ LET’S GO!


First impression

The sheet is sealed in the brown, transparent test tube (that’s the reason why many Korean beauty bloggers call this as Test tube mask). The tube contains a generous amount of serum, and the sheet is soaked into it. If you tilt off the cap, you can see a piece of very thin (but durable) sheet that is rolled in a thin plastic bar. I couldn’t smell something recognizable, but it has a recognizable sweet/acidic odors. I guess they are from the ingredients.



Since this mask is rolled and soaked in the serum bottle, it is hard to open it up and put it on the face. HOWEVER, it adheres to the skin VERY VERY well. As you can see from the photo below, (Ewwww.. sorry for my face ╯▂╰), it doesn’t leave much room between the sheet and the skin. It feels much more comfortable than most of the hydrogel mask because it is very thin but I don’t think you can walk around with this on your face because it has plenty of serum on the sheet.


Even after you pull out the sheet, lots of serum still remained in the tube. So you can constantly apply those serums on the top of sheet mask (Blogger said that you can leave it and use it as a facial serum later, but I decided to use it all for my precious skin tonight.)


Ingredient Analysis

(If you don’t want to hear about organic chemistry of this sheet, you can simply pass this section 0^◇^0)/)

They used evening primrose extract as a base instead of water, which is a proven anti-inflammatorysoothing emollientNiacinamide is the fourth ingredient after solvents, intensifying the brightening effect. I don’t think this cosmetic contains especially harmful ingredients. Most of the solvents and emollients are commonly used chemicals. Alpha bisabolol is added for the last constituents. The company claims that this ingredient promotes skin brightening, but I could not find reliable literature about this statement so I won’t mention it in this blog. (However, alpha-bisabolol is a known antioxidant for sure.)


After thought

Standing Ovation for LeadersThey successfully developed a new type of mask sheet that works. After the mask, I could feel my face was very moisturized, and it gave my skin a natural glow. I don’t know about the brightening (Seriously, after one mask no one expects to become Snow White, right?), but it surely does its job (For the moisturizing result, I will give 6 stars if I can). It was absorbed really well and even in the next morning, I could feel my skin was soft.

ヽ(^。^)ノ* ヽ(^。^)ノ

1 line Review


PROS: A generous amount of serum that we can apply on the top of the mask, Lovely.

CONS: it’s kinda inconvenient to open the mask since it is rolled in a plastic bar

IDEA: Yay, I found one mask sheet to my skincare routine.

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